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As a mama of 6, preserving memories of children is important to me. The moment you meet that little human only happens once and it deserves to be remembered and retold. But even more than the memories, even deeper than having beautiful photos, my desire is to help you see how truly amazing you are. Through these images and film I want to show the world that women are strong! Birth is powerful and transformational and women have been courageous enough all through history to go through and live to tell the tale to the next generation. Somewhere along the lines we seemed to have forgotten that strength and have replaced courage with fear. I hope these images can inspire and encourage us all to remember we were made for this! This is my purpose and my why behind what I do. If this excites you then we are going to be a great fit!!

Sacramento Birth photographer

Photos & Film

The amazing moments of birth can never be recreated. Its an event that will change you for the rest of your life. I can see you now, snuggled up with your little ones as you look through your album retelling the story of the day they were born. We all want to know about our beginning and as mothers we want to remember the day we gathered all our strength and pushed with all the love we have to bring our child into our arms.

Photos and films bring you right back to those wonderful intense moments so you never forget what it took as you birthed your child. Photos give you those special moments in time, hitting the pause button to be able to see with new eyes the way your husband looked at you or the strength in your hands as you braced for another wave. And films fill in all the in between moments allowing you to slow down and observe all the movement, energy, and love. You get to hear the sweet cry again and exhale when all the work of labor is finally over. Film is such a powerful way to remember your amazing feat and will be such special gift to your child when they are older. 

I offer packages for photo only and photo and film so you can decide how you want to remember the birth of your child. Packages start at $1300. 

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In order to make my service as attainable as possible I accept payment plans to spread out the cost over time. Typically I require a $500 non-refundable retainer at the time of booking and can spread out the remaining balance by weekly or monthly payments. The remaining balance is due at 36 weeks. Depending on the package selected and additional products ordered some of the cost can be extended past birth if needed but products will not be delivered until balance is paid. Booking as early as possible will help keep payments lower. 

Additionally I can also set up a gift registry page for your family and friends to help out in purchasing something that is very meaningful to you. 




The beauty of your growing belly is something to be celebrated and remembered. I love finding a location that is special to you whether that be in your home or someplace you love. Even though pregnancy feels long when you are in it, one day you look back and remember those sweet moments when you got baby all to yourself. 


Newborn or Next Day

This tiny baby season goes by fast and its so easy to let it slip by. Photos of your newborn will be cherished forever as your little one become not so little anymore. These sessions are relaxed and go at the pace your baby sets. The goal is to capture the way you feel when you smell your sweet baby so you can relive this time in a beautiful way for years to come. 



Let's get started!

Sacramento Birth Photography

Knoxville, TN

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