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Sacramento Birth Photography | Home Birth Story of Rooney

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

When a family is fully supporting a laboring woman it is a beautiful thing to witness.

Of all the nights this little one could arrive, it was the only one her mama was hoping it wouldn't be. Heidi's mom and sisters had just arrived from out of state and she wasn't feeling very well, but sometimes our babies have different plans from our own. Thankfully she came quickly and peacefully giving her mom the home water birth she was hoping for.

Right before midnight I got a text from Heidi that her water had broken. Not even an hour later contractions had become consistent and 3-4 minutes apart so the midwives and I made our way over. When I walked in, all was quiet. All you could hear was Heidi's hypno-birthing track playing. She looked so calm and relaxed and she gently breathed through each contraction.

Her sisters arrived soon after I did; they immediately jumped in to help in any way. They offered encouragement, hip squeezes and back rubs as their mom watched them all. It made me think of watching my own daughters give birth in the future and what an honor it would be to see them supporting one another the way these sisters were. Soon the birth tub was filled and Heidi quickly got in. By the way she gracefully breathed through her contractions I don't think anyone was quite expecting her to say she was feeling the urge to push.

She asked for her family to go wake up her 3 sons so they could meet their sister and very shortly after said, "The head is out". Quickly her husband and sisters brought the sleepy eyed boys in for a front row seat just in time to see Heidi and her midwife, Christie Cambridge, pull sweet baby girl out of the water and onto her chest. That moment is just golden. Christie unwrapped the cord from around the baby and Heidi gave a cry of joy right before the baby let out her first cry.

The new brothers were so excited to meet their new baby sister. One of them even got to cut her cord. Watching them experience this all together as a family was something so incredible!

Sweet little Rooney Kate has so much family that loves her. She came just when she supposed to at home with all those who love her there to greet her.

Justine is a birth videographer and photographer serving the Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado County. areas. Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Folsom, Sacramento, Orangevale, Placerville, Antelope, etc

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So incredibly beautiful!

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