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Knoxville Birth Photographer| Birth Story of John

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Capturing special moments for any mama is always a joy but there is something really bonding when capturing for a close friend. Kierra and I were due only days apart, both planning home births. It was a race to see who would go into labor first and if we would get to help at each other's births!

For weeks it seemed like I would be the first with a baby in my arms, but it turned out to be Kierra! The plan was that if it worked out whoever went into labor first the other would try to make it for support and if I made to hers, I would also be her birth photographer.

Family bonding with newborn baby brother on bed after  a home birth

September 7th came and I had a full day of shopping with the kids. Exhausted we made our last trip to a used clothing sale. I found a stroller that Kierra had been looking for and sat down in the car to text her about it. Immediately after sending the text, I got a call from her that she was in labor. Excited I tried to find someone to watch my kids so I could head over to her but no one was available at the time. I would have to wait a couple of hours for my husband to come home (Just a note, I now have on call childcare for my children when I get called to a birth) Somewhat relieved that I had time, I went home to take a nap. But a few hours later I woke up to texts from Kierra with her precious newborn in her arms.

I packed up my camera and headed over to her house and took photos of the family enjoying their newest member. Even though I missed the birth it was so nice to be there during that sweet time after when everything is calm and happy. While I was there, Kierra prayed my own baby would come soon and she gave me her bottle of castor oil which she said made her go into labor.

I went home took the castor oil and a few hours later, I was in labor with my babe and had her about 8 hours after Kierra's!!

Kierra is actually a wonderful childbirth educator and doula. She has online childbirth classes that I HIGHLY recommend. She has a podcast where women share their birth stories and you can hear her tell her birth story here.

Black and White photo of newborn baby feet wrapped in blankets

Mothers look at newborn son after a home birth

Mother look at son after home birth and brother is happy baby is finally here.

Mother and Father watch son sleep after a home birth

Father holds newborn son to calm him.

Details of Baby's ear, hair and little feet

Big brothers with family friend and mom watches as son nurses

Couple with newborn baby at the home birth

Close up details shot of newborn baby hair ear and back

Friend admires baby with mom at home birth

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Justine is a birth photographer/filmmaker and doula in the greater Knoxville area, serving Maryville, Greenback, Madisonville, Loudon, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, Fountain City, Townsend, Sevierville, Strawberry Plains, Gatlinburg, etc. Justine is passionate about physiological birth the way God designed it and thus specializes in home and natural births. Interested in hiring Justine for your birth, click here to get in touch.

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