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Knoxville Home Birth Photographer| Home Birth Story of Eli

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The birth story of Eli

I met with Hallie just a couple of days before his birth. She had both her older sons before their due dates but I have to admit, I wasn't expecting him to come when he did. The start of her birth was almost just like the last. I first received a text that her water broke around 2:30am. I got up to double check my bags were packed and I was ready to go once her labor was established. I slept lightly waiting for the call. About 7am she text me that contractions were about 10-15 minutes apart but she was still in bed and not ready for me to come yet. Her last birth had been very quick so I was reluctant to sit around waiting. I got up and ready and headed to Dutch Bros with my bags just to be nearby when she was ready. About half an hour later, her husband said things were picking up and might be good to come.

While driving through her neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning, a rafter of Turkeys (did you know that's what they are called!) was crossing the road. I rolled my window down, gobbled at them and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving!

In our consultation meeting I knew that laboring alone with her husband was important to Hallie so when I arrived I made sure to keep my distance for a while and focus on what the boys were doing. I popped in the room every once in a while to capture sweet moments between her and her husband. Then Kaleem, the midwife, arrived and the birth tub was filled.

Hallie got in the tub. She was working through contractions. Since her last birth was so much faster she asked why this birth seemed like her first. Her wonderful midwife encouraged her that is the first time for this baby. He had his own story separate from the others, it seemed she said the right thing for the moment and Hallie smiled with understanding.

Michael and Luke (her sons) stayed close to Hallie almost the whole time. They watched her labor from the bed waiting for the moment when the new baby would arrive. As the baby descended Hallie reached over to the bed for her sons hand. You could see how deep her bond ran with each of her children. Knowing he was there for her she grinned again as she got closer to pushing.

Her husband was such an amazing support. He encouraged her gently saying just the right thing as she breathed through each contraction. One of my favorite moments was just before he was born when Michael looked up at Hallie and grinned. You could see the love and pride he had for his beautiful wife who was about to bring forth their 3rd child. Shortly after the baby began crowning. Hallie told Michael to catch the baby. Kaleem prepped him that the baby would likely shoot out shortly and he put his hands in the water in anticipation. Moments later Eli emerged so peacefully and Michael placed him on Hallie's chest.

They didn't know the gender but mom knew right away as she was holding him she could feel what he was, a boy! Everyone was excited and happy to welcome the newest boy to the mix. Eli was so calm. He hardly made much noise. He happily snuggled with dad and then his biggest brother while Hallie took a shower. Then they snuggled into bed for nursing. The whole experience was so joyful.

The midwives weighed and measured him and then they all got settled in to bed for a different kind of Thanksgiving Celebration.

Justine is a birth photographer/filmmaker and doula in the greater Knoxville area, serving Maryville, Greenback, Madisonville, Loudon, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, Fountain City, Townsend, Sevierville, Strawberry Plains, Gatlinburg, etc. Justine is passionate about physiological birth the way God designed it and thus specializes in home and natural births. Interested in hiring Justine for your birth, click here to get in touch.

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