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  • What if I have to transfer care?
    My job is to document your story so I will be with you through it all. If you are transferred to a hosptial there is a possibility I will be unable to film there due to certain hosptial policies. If that is the case I will switch to photos and/or come to you later to capture film footage to add to your video. We can fill out the video with more of a fresh 48 session.
  • What about hospital births?
    I will film at home, birth center, or hosptials. I'll even film in the car if you don't make it to the hosptial and I happen to be with you. The only thing is you will be responsible to dicuss video coverage with your provider. If the staff ask me to stop filming I can switch to photos exclusively and begin filming again as soon as allowed.
  • What I don't want to show off the goods?
    I totally get it! I will discuss your modesty preferences at our consultation meeting. I can be creative with where I position myself so as to maintain your level of modesty. This is also why its great to have a highlight film and a full length film. So you can have one that you can share online and the other one that you keep just for you.
  • What if I have a C-Section?
    Sometimes birth is unpredictable. If you have to have a C-Scetion or even if you are planning to have one, I am willing to film in the OR as long as the hospital and doctor approve. If I am unable to be there for the operation I will of course film up to and right after and will make sure to capture enough film coverage to make your video.
  • Do you offer Payment Plans?
    Yes! To reserve your due date, I require a $500 deposit and we can work out a payment plan that works for you. Typically I require payment to be paid in full by 36 weeks. If you need something special worked out we can discuss this at your consulation meeting. Photos and video will be released upon completion and when balance if paid in full. I also have a gift card option so you can send your friends and family the link to give towards your birth.
  • What if my birth is really long?
    My job is to capture your birth. Some babies just take longer and that is okay. If your labor does slow down I might take a nap or even go home for a time until your labor picks back up. But I really don't want to miss your birth as much you don't.
  • When should I call you to come?
    Ideally I would love to know when you are even thinking that maybe possibly you could be going into labor. Having a heads up, even if turns out to be nothing, gives me time to prepare hopefully lessening the time it takes for me to get to you when the time really comes. You should call me to come to the birth when you are in active labor or aprox. 5-6 cm if you are being checked. Typically you will call me the same time you call your midwife or head into the hospital. For moms who know they have fast labors, it is even more important that you fill me on the little details and feelings that something might be happening. I would so much rather have a false alarm than to miss the birth...even if that means you are calling in the middle of the night! Its also important to have someone else in charge of contacting me if possible. If labor moves quickly you might get to a point where you won't be able to even operate the phone so please designate someone else to call. We go over this in our consult meeting as well.
  • How long do you stay after birth?
    I will typically stay 1-2 hours after the birth. If you have a very quick labor I will likely stay longer to capture more interaction with baby afterward to capture enough footage for your film.
  • What if you get sick or can't attend the birth?
    Generally I will not be touching baby during the birth session, however if I have a fever, vomitting, new cough or cold, I will not attend your birth and will call a backup photographer. If I am recovering from a cough or cold I will wear a mask.
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